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We offer a number of delicious flavours of Wedding cake for you to try, from feather-light sponge to dark and rich chocolate and traditional fruit cakes, all made with free-range local eggs and quality ingredients.  All sugarpaste covered sponge cakes are coated with white or dark chocolate ganache to keep them beautifully moist for serving.

Classic Victoria Sponge Cake, always a traditional favourite with raspberry or strawberry conserve

Fresh Fruit Victoria Sponge Cake, with fresh raspberries, blueberries or blackcurrants baked into the light sponge. Lovely with buttercream, white chocolate ganache and fruit conserve

Rich Chocolate Cake, with buttercream, chocolate ganache or salted caramel.  This sponge contains melted chocolate so it's lovely and rich.

Lemon Drizzle Sponge Cake with zesty lemon curd and buttercream. Try it with Lavender flowers or Elderflower for a summery alternative

Dark Chocolate and Guinness Cake  with rich vanilla buttercream - a favourite with lovers of dark chocolate

Cherry Bakewell Cake with delicate almond sponge and dark cherry conserve

Chocolate Orange Cake with fresh orange zest and chocolate orange buttercream

Spiced Carrot Cake with or without nuts and delicious vanilla buttercream

Red Velvet Cake A stunning fuchsia cake with a delicate flavour of milk chocolate.  Slightly less sweet than other sponges, lovely with vanilla buttercream

Lavender and Rose Cake our secret recipe with the addition of edible lavender and rose petals for a delicate bridal cake

Rose and Pistachio Cake with delicious pistachios and delicate rose petals running through the sponge and vanilla buttercream

Traditional Rich Dark Fruit Cake with Brandy and almond marzipan.  Made several months in advance so it is properly matured for you.

We can also provide cakes for Special Diets such as Gluten-free, Dairy-Free and Vegan as required, so that everyone can enjoy your celebrations.


We will work with you to design a special Wedding Cake that suits your individual requirements and make it easier to choose the size of cake you require for your number of guests and your chosen design.

As a guide, a three tier cake will give you approximately 90 portions and a four tier cake 130 portions.  Five tier cakes will give 160 portions, additional sizes are available upon request.

 Your Caterer will normally cut a wedding cake into traditional sized portions, which is on average 1” by 1” slices.